Do you have a game idea too?

If you have the budget to fund development, we can put together a team of developers from our trusted network (primarily Americans living in America) to make your game for you. We have connections to programmers, level designers, 3D artists, Sound engineers, Project managers, Web developers, IT Administrators, and people skilled in every aspect of game development.

Depending on your budget, we can hire a team to work full time or part time on your game idea. Please don’t send your design document until after we have a contract. We can not promise that some elements of your game idea might not already be in one of our other game ideas that we are working on.

Please note that we can’t make your game for free. Our developers need to be paid if they are to be asked to work on someone else’s game project. We already have multiple projects of our own to work on, and so do all of our friends who work in the game development industry.

If you are interested in hiring us to make your game, please contact us!